Hednesford Neighbourhood Plan - It’s our future: Have your say!People who live and work in Hednesford are being given another chance to have their say on a blueprint for the town’s future.

Six weeks of consultation is under way from Monday, September 18 on a key document called The Neighbourhood Plan. The latest version has been adapted after feedback and comments during an initial consultation process last year.

Since then the plan has been adapted and passed to experts for what is known as an ‘environmental assessment scoping report’ as part of an obligatory process towards letting residents have a final say.

After the latest consultation stage, the plan will be reviewed by an independent inspector. Then a referendum on whether the plan should be adopted will take place – where Hednesford residents will be invited to have a final say with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote.

The plan can be viewed here, as well as paper copies being available at Pye Green Community Centre in Bradbury Lane and Hednesford library in the town centre.

It has now taken on board opinions from local people about:

  • Town centre
  • Open spaces
  • Built environment
  • Housing development
  • Industrial/business parks

These will also be made public.

Hednesford Town Councillor Brian Gamble, who is part of the Neighbourhood Plan steering group, revealed that the plan was the furthest any Staffordshire town council had got with the process.

 “We are looking forward to this latest period of consultation and the final referendum which now looks likely for early 2018. It has been great to let people have their say so far and long may it continue.”

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