Hednesford councillors have pledged a further £5,000 to the town’s Citizens’ Advice Bureau and hailed its vital work as a lifeline.

The grant was announced after it was revealed more than £130,000 in benefits had been received by those eligible over the last year, thanks to support from the CAB  team.

At this week’s council meeting, councillors Derek Davis and Alan Pearson led praise for the advice service, with Cllr Davis saying he was proud of what they achieved and Cllr Pearson pointing out the scope of help available.

An outreach team from Cannock Citizens’ Advice is available each week at Pye Green Community Centre, where the council also meets.

“People think the CAB is just about money owed, but it’s so more than that,” said Councillor Pearson. “In fact it offers help and support for those with mental health issues or who have been through a divorce among other things. This is a lifeline for people who can’t cope. And you have to remember that the CAB isn’t funded by the Government – they may advise people to use it, but they don’t pay for it.”

Councillor Davis added: “I’m proud that we have been able to support the CAB in recent years and that we remain committed to help into the future. This is a very caring service that rigorously follows through with people who turn to them for help. We are thrilled to support them for another year.”

For more details of CAB sessions at Pye Green Community Centre, please call 01543 424872.

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