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While large open spaces are an important asset to any town, small public spaces around housing estates are also considered important amenities for local communities and their protection is being addressed in the Hednesford Neighbourhood Plan.

Similar to the Green Belt Policy, which controls urban growth and keeps land permanently open, the aim of the Open Spaces Policy in the Neighbourhood Plan is to help prevent Hednesford from becoming too urbanised.

While the proposed protected spaces aren’t as big as areas like the Hednesford Hills, which is already designated a Local Nature Reserve and Site of Special Scientific Interest, or the town park, these smaller green spaces are used in everyday life, from dog walking to play areas for children and families, and are also important for wildlife preservation. It’s fair to say losing these spaces would be of detriment to the town as a whole.

We think it’s important to protect, and where possible enhance them, not only for the benefit of the local community but for visitors to the town too. A number of sites are recognised and listed in the Neighbourhood Plan as potential areas of protected open space.  The town council would support their use as informal recreation areas and aim to provide improvements to their appearance.

Councillor Brian Gamble, who has played an active role in promoting the Neighbourhood Plan, said “Keeping these spaces protected for the families living in and around Hednesford is an important part of the plan. All the spaces listed are used in everyday life and we’d hate to see them taken away for redevelopment without any replacement open space provided.”

If you have an area of open space near to you that you would like to see protected and improved, make sure you take a look at the plan to see if it is listed. 

Tell us, are there any other spaces you think should be included? And what would you like to see done with these spaces?

Copies of the plan are now available to view at Pye Green Community Centre and Hednesford Library, or online here.

Have Your Say by filling in a Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire before 31st August. Questionnaires can be completed online here.


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