This year’s Hednesford annual town meeting will again shine the spotlight on achievements of hard-working groups and volunteers.

The yearly event is an opportunity for all the electors of Hednesford to come together to discuss issues relating to the area and also hear reports of the activities of town organisations and groups.

The meeting is being held at Pye Green Community Centre, Bradbury Lane, Hednesford at 7pm on Tuesday April 17 at Pye Green Community Centre.

It’s also an opportunity for various groups of volunteers working for the good of Hednesford to keep people up to date with their activities. Hednesford Town Council will also give an update on issues affecting the town.

Town Council Chairman Cllr Alan Pearson said: “The annual town meeting offers people the opportunity to catch up with what’s been happening in the town and to meet and talk to people making a difference.

”We are also proud to to highlight  work with dementia awareness and there will be an update report on progress at the meeting”

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