Hednesford Town Council has welcomed news that a new car park is to be built on the site of the 5s sports centre and pitches site, following months of complaints by residents about the number of cars.

The council has confirmed that Cannock District Council will provide £85,000, with a further £5,000 coming from IHL, which runs leisure facilities in Cannock district, for a car park at the site in Bradbury Lane.

Councillor George Adamson, who sits on Hednesford Town Council and is also a district councillor, said he expected work to begin on site in the autumn after architect’s plans have been drawn up and it has been put out to tender.

“Residents seem happy that the council has listened to their concerns and have found the funds to pay for a car park that will accommodate up to 70 vehicles,” he said.

“When it is completed, it will enable most visitors to Fives to use the car park, which will mean the cars will not be on the surrounding streets or grass verges. Fives has been a victim of its own success because it’s a much-needed facility and is well used but the parking situation has been inadequate. This should resolve the issues.”

The car park will be built on a site that was earmarked for a grass pitch after Sport England said it would not object. A total of £40,000 is coming from Cannock District Council’s general fund, while a further £40,000 will be found from its car park budget.

Hednesford Town Councillor Sheila Cartwright said she was delighted that the issue had been resolved.

“It has been a nightmare for many residents but the extra car park on the site will be very welcomed,” she added.

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