Welcome to Hednesford’s Neighbourhood Plan – placing the future of Hednesford in your hands.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A neighbourhood plan sets out a vision for development for years to come, bringing change where it’s needed and preservation where this is important. The neighbourhood plan gives you, as a resident of Hednesford, the chance to contribute towards shaping your community, giving local people a voice.

Latest Update

Over the last 4 years the local community, statutory, voluntary and other bodies have been widely consulted during preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan for Hednesford

The Plan has undergone inspection by an independent examiner and subject to several minor modifications the green light has been given for a referendum of the electors of Hednesford to be held to decide whether or not the Plan should be adopted

In his summing up the examiner has said “The preparation of the neighbourhood plan is an exacting task involving people, many of them volunteers, in considerable work over a long period of time. The Town Council is to be commended for preparing a thoroughly researched Plan which ably tackles a number of planning issues that are of importance to the local community”

Adding to this Chair of the Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group (Cllr Brian Gamble) said “Preparing the Plan has involved a great deal of effort and I should like to thank everyone who has taken part in the consultation process and contributed in any way and I hope that as many electors as possible will make their feelings known in the forthcoming referendum”

The referendum is scheduled to take place on Thursday 11 October 2018 and every elector who qualifies will be sent a poll card telling them when and where to vote or a postal vote if they have requested one

If 50% or more vote to accept the Plan then the policies it contains will become part of the Local Planning Policy Framework and will influence the future nature of planning and development in the Hednesford area. However if there is not a majority to accept the Plan then the policies will not be adopted

Links to the report of the independent examiner and the referendum version of the Neighbourhood Plan incorporating his modifications can be found below.

Hednesford Neighbourhood Plan documents

The current documents submitted can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

Notice of Referendum

The Basic Conditions Statement

The January 2018 Neighbourhood Plan Submission Document

The Strategic Environmental Assessment and Appendices

Hednesford Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement

The Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire

The Questionnaire Responses and Results Graph

Schedule summarising responses from Statutory Consultees and Landowners to the Draft Plan of Summer 2016

Summary of Final Consultation Responses (including proposed changes to the Plan in response to comments from consultees)

Hednesford Examiner Procedural Matters

Examiner’s Final Report

Referendum Version of the Hednesford Town Council Plan

Information on Publication of a Decision Statement for the Hednesford Neighbourhood Plan
https://www.hednesford-tc.gov.uk/NeighbourhoodPlan/Info Statement CCDC.pdf

A copy of the original Draft Neighbourhood Plan

Hednesford Neighbourhood Plan - It’s our future: Have your say!

Hednesford Town Council Chairman (Councillor Alan Pearson) with the Referendum Version of the Neighbourhood Plan

Hednesford Town Council Chairman (Councillor Alan Pearson) with the Referendum Version of the Neighbourhood Plan.