Councillors in Hednesford are calling for action over ‘dangerous and inconsiderate’ motorists in a busy road in the town.

Speeding drivers are putting safety at risk while thoughtless motorists are parking without considering residents’ needs – all in Bradbury Lane, they say.

The problems are happening despite speed bumps while parking issues have arisen due to the popularity of the new 5s sports centre and pitches which were officially opened earlier this year.

Now they are urging police to step in to halt the speeding problems as these are ‘an accident waiting to happen’ and investigating solutions to the parking problem.

Hednesford Town Councillor Brian Gamble said the speed of drivers was a huge worry and it was feared someone could be injured or worse if this wasn’t addressed.

Hednesford Town Councillor Brian Gamble

Although there are speed bumps in part of the road, this wasn’t proving an adequate deterrent he said. Hednesford Town Council has now asked Staffordshire Police for assurances they can step up measures to prevent an accident.

They are calling for more of a presence by police officers – perhaps with a marked car or speed gun.

“People are driving at a dreadful speed. This can’t continue. This is an accident waiting to happen. We need action from the police specifically in Bradbury Lane to deter speeding,” said Cllr Gamble. “We all know what can happen if speeding continues and it doesn’t bear thinking about. This is particularly true for older people who may not get across the road too quickly. The other thing needed is more education for drivers – there is some seriously bad driving going on and it has to be prevented.”

Meanwhile, Councillor Sheila Cartwright said that while it was fantastic to see the new all weather pitches at the 5s being so busy, more consideration was needed by visitors when they parked there.

“Hednesford Town Council is delighted at the success of the pitches but they have become a victim of that success. We are keen to support all involved in improving parking facilities. It has got to the stage where people are just parking anywhere they want – sometimes on the pavement or grass verges.  As a local resident I can see the extent of the problem first hand. It causes great problems for pedestrians and neighbours. You just can’t get past. We are now considering various options to address this and one of these is to seek new funding to provide improved parking facilities. This is a matter of urgency and we hope to have a solution as soon as possible.”

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